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Earth Mother Plant Explanation
There is another species of non
carnivorous plant that has a very
interesti ng symbioti c life with a specifi c
type of insect like creature called a Gathu.
This plant is called a North Mother. It looks
similar to cactus found on Earth, but is in
fact an enti rely diff erent species than a
cactus. If scienti st were to compare the
two they would fi nd three major things
that separate the North Mother from
Earth cacti .
The fi rst major diff erence is the fact that
instead of having a thick waxy skin to
protect it, the North Mother's plant skin is
actually extremely thin, but with hundreds
of layers between them. Like a tree trunk's
rings, one could tell how old the North
Mother is by cutti ng it down and counti ng
the rings of skin.
The second major diff erence is that
the inside of this plant doesn't house a
spongy type part to store water. In this
plant actually produces its own water
with energy from photosynthesis. Parts
of Aku's surface actually contain ground
that has hydrogen co
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Aku thig
General Anatomy
The skeletal systems of the habitants of
Aku are very similar to each other. They all
have the gel interior which contains the
blood pathways and reinforces the skeletal
walls. The skeletal walls themselves are
as thick as the bones of a human, but are
lighter due to the gel inside of them. The
bone walls themselves are also riddled
with microscopic, honeycomb shaped
holes. These holes allow the muscle ti ssue
to get oxygen from the blood by means of
microscopic tendrils of magnesium.
The gel itself that reinforces the bone
wall from the inside of the skeleton is a
thick ti tanium based liquid. Its viscosity is
att ained from the h2o molecules located
amongst the gel. Along with ti tanium and
h2o, there are a number of elements and
sugars that keep the gel thick and strong.
Sodium and potassium are the next most
common elements found in the thick gel.
The joints of the skeleton themselves are
held together by the gel itself. Towards the
outer edges of the gel it has har
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Gant Klysowsky Solovinov
United States
i know drive a semi truck. sorry i don't do art so much. i still write sometimes though


i love leaving old art up of when i was just starting out. i mean i am not good now but i realize i have gotten better
Joan of Arc
So i did this in a couple of hours, sort of realized i wasn't having fun with it. so i guess this is as done as it's going to get for me for now. i am not a real artist anymore so, it doesn't have the appeal to finish things like it used to.  
it was going to be joan of arc smiling and laughing. i sort of like her as a historical figure. she was by all accounts a rather cheerful girl when she wasn't acting as a military leader.
random rpg guy
a character i made for a table top rpg. i am way out of practice, and i haven't touched a tablet in over 5 years since i went blue collar. those eyes and mouth are hilarious
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Well, i really don't get to do much these days. i figured i would write a journal, to keep at least that little bit of me sharp.  i drive a semi truck now, which isn't as bad as you would think it is.  the most annoying part about it though is dealing with people i went to college with, as they assume i am an idiot or something. i mean, there is this overwhelming stereotype that everyone that drives a big ol truck must be one part hillbilly, and one part stupid. well, i sir an no hillbilly. 
I mean, it is rather difficult, and i have noticed the dumber of the drivers usually get into accidents or just don't meet deadlines. I also notice that rich people think my time doesn't matter.  it is hard to stress to some of them that the big ol hillbilly rig i am roving around in, is worth more than their little car.  i mean, yesterday i was driving what is called a peterbuilt, it is a custom truck. real nice, especially to me. anyway, new it costs like 400 thousand or something. i don't really remember. they told me i think as threat, like don't crash it.  all it really sounded like to me was a way to drive the hell out of it.
I also have a lot of various security clearances now for bases and ports, it's sort of funny that i can get all this when some people can't even pass a driving test.  What got me into this whole thing in the beginning was the money. out in the seattle area, the entitled are too lazy to realize that their whole life is run by people like me.  and since there aren't a lot of people like me, i get to make a lot of money.  this money pays for the student debt i acquired trying to be a person like them. but looking at it now, i am making way more than i ever did as an artist working in a studio.  it is funny that it happened this way as well, as i cannot ask for my parents or others to pay for my way of life.  i have become aware how many i went to college with and graduated with get a lot handed to them. i can't stand that for me in good conscious. 

i also worked as a garbage man for a guys all need to stop throwing away such good stuff. i found ammunition, perfectly sealed first aid kits, working t.vs, computer components. What the hell is wrong with you rich people?



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frizbee2 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011
HEY, i havent talked to you in a long time. you're cool. whats up.
gant12000 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011
what have you been up to?
frizbee2 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011
UM being balla up in dis biznasty. you?
gant12000 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2011
i dont know wha tthat means...does it mean you are hungry?
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midwest-Werewolf Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010
I know I asked you on Facebook yesterday, but I'll ask you here as well. Is there any part time job opportunities up there, and what does the rent look like for the place you're looking at.?
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